Immunology Educator Resources

This webinar series, organized by SLB Member Heather Bruns, UAB, is focused on sharing resources that can be applied to the undergraduate, graduate, and professional immunology classrooms and building a network of immunology educators. For each webinar, panelists will share their approaches to teaching immunology followed by time for discussion among attendees. Materials for learning activities that are discussed will be provided for those interested in incorporating them into their own classroom.

If you have ideas for future sessions, contact us.

Click on the specific webinar of interest to view the on-demand sessions.

Course Details

Immunology Educator Resources - An SLB Webinar Series03:03:00
(on-demand) Conceptual Framework for Undergraduate Immunology Education 00:20:00
(on-demand) Bringing clinical immunology into the classroom: Engaging premed and medical students and reinforcing the basics 01:00:00
(on-demand) Incorporating COVID-19-Stimulated Topics in the Classroom 00:58:00
(on-demand) Using Activities to Enhance Engagement, Promote Learning, and Teach Immunology 00:45:00
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