Professional Development

Enjoy this consolidation of various Professional Development workshops including SCHOOL programs created especially for trainees.

Course Details

Workshops and Educational Sessions22:37:00
Science Illustrations: Telling Your Story Through Images 01:58:00
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Mentoring: Challenges and Opportunities 01:20:00
The Art of Productive Research Mentoring: Best Practices for Meaningful Mentor/Mentee Relationships
Celebrating Diversity and Supporting Inclusive Environments: Why is it Important? 01:03:00
(on-demand) Conceptual Framework for Undergraduate Immunology Education 00:20:00
(on-demand) Bringing clinical immunology into the classroom: Engaging premed and medical students and reinforcing the basics 01:00:00
(on-demand) Incorporating COVID-19-Stimulated Topics in the Classroom 00:58:00
(on-demand) Using Activities to Enhance Engagement, Promote Learning, and Teach Immunology 00:45:00
Beyond Academia: Career Paths and Options 02:06:00
Immunometabolism: A historical perspective to the latest developments 01:24:00
Methods to study cellular metabolism: Seahorse and SCENITH 01:51:00
Covid 19: Understanding the virus and host responses 01:22:00
A hands-on workshop covering tools used to analyze images 01:49:00
Best practices for job talks in academia: How to communicate your scientific value and future goals effectively 01:26:00
Panoramic View of the Microbiome and Its History 01:25:00
Analysis of differential gene expression using DESeq2 01:24:00
Do you know how you impact a collaborative team? 00:56:00
High-dimensional flow and CyTOF data analysis 01:30:00
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