Reviewer Training

Interested in improving your peer review skills? Not sure where to start when reviewing a manuscript? Need a structure for helping your own trainees learn peer review?

SLB is proud to offer its members a free, innovative peer-reviewing training course. In this course, you will learn from peer review experts and practice those skills in a simulated journal environment. Work at your own pace via asynchronous presentations. After completing the asynchronous portion, you will:

  • Accurately and fairly assess manuscripts
  • Write effective reviews
  • Identify conflicts of interest and bias

These skills will be refined and extended in the second part of the course, where you will work with a mentor-editor to review manuscripts in a simulated journal environment. Upon completion, participants receive a certificate from SLB.  Register below to get started with the asynchronous modules and begin learning how to be a great reviewer today!

If you would like to serve as a mentor, please contact us.


Can't access the lessons below?  Please ensure you register first and make sure you are logged in. Current SLB membership is required.


1.  Who can take this course?  Although this course is envisioned as a career development opportunity for postdocs and junior faculty, any SLB member, at any career stage, is welcome. 

2.  What is the cost of this course?  This course is free to SLB members. 

3.  Course outline

  • Asynchronous lessons and assessments - must be completed first  
  • Mentored practice preparing peer reviews - a combination of real-time webinars, small-group discussions, and asynchronous work on your own time

4.  What are the requirements to complete this course?  Within approximately one year,

  • Attendance/participation in live webinars
  • Completion of asynchronous lessons including related assessments
  • Participation in a workshop at an annual SLB meeting

Live webinars will be announced at least three weeks in advance. Small-group discussions will be organized once mentor-mentee groups are established.  Watch your email for announcements about all of these activities. 


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