Reviewer Training

Interested in improving your peer review skills? Not sure where to start when reviewing a manuscript? Need a structure for helping your own trainees learn peer review?

SLB is proud to offer its members a free, innovative peer-reviewing training course. In this course, you will learn from peer review experts and practice those skills in a simulated journal environment. Work at your own pace via asynchronous presentations. After completing the asynchronous portion, you will:

  • Accurately and fairly assess manuscripts
  • Write effective reviews
  • Identify conflicts of interest and bias

These skills will be refined and extended in the second part of the course, where you will work with a mentor-editor to review manuscripts in a simulated journal environment. Upon completion, participants receive a certificate from SLB.  Register below to get started with the asynchronous modules and begin learning how to be a great reviewer today!

If you would like to serve as a mentor, please contact us.


Can't access the lessons below?  Please ensure you register first and make sure you are logged in. Current SLB membership is required.

Serving as a Reviewer 00:05:00
Serving as a Reviewer (assessment) 00:15:00
Reviewing the Review 00:09:00
A Conversation with the JLB EIC 00:20:00
Understanding Implicit Biases in Review 00:17:00
Starting the Review 00:12:00
Starting the Review (assessment) 00:15:00
Assessing the Manuscript 01:00:00
Assessing the Manuscript (assessment) 00:15:00
Writing the Review 00:06:00
Writing the Review (assessment) 00:15:00
Responding to Reviews Effectively 00:21:00
Responding to Reviews Effectively (assessment) 00:15:00
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